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The Fold

A concept derived from newspapers, which refers to the invisible line on a web page where the user must start scrolling to see the rest of the content.

The fold is not as important as you think. The concept has entered into common knowledge and this has become a problem for the advancing web industry. Users do know how to scroll. If you squish everything towards the top of the page in an effort to get all your content in front of the user, you will only succeed in created an overcrowded messy page and turning your user off your site altogether.

A better approach is to use the top part of your website to lead the user in to your site and make them want to read on. If the page is designed properly then they will have no problem scrolling on to find the rest of your content. You don't have to show everything in the front window, but put some attractive elements to hook your users into entering the store.

Regardless, you should let your designer worry about where things are positioned on the page. That's their job. Your job is simply to tell them what's important for you on this page and let them recommend the best way to lead the user to it.

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